Saying I Do Under the Sun


The coming of spring is often associated with new beginnings, starting fresh, and new life. Perhaps that is why we always begin to receive an increase in wedding inquiries around this time. The idea of embarking on the next chapter in one’s life seems to make sense as we enter spring and approach summer. By this time we have had time to establish ourselves in the New Year and are ready to take on new challenges. The warmer weather, the flowers in bloom, and the general free spiritedness of spring easily suggest romance and budding love.


Naturally, as almost every girl has, I’ve dreamed about the day when I will walk down the aisle, and every time my idea seems to change. Location- hometown or destination? Size- the more the merrier or small & intimate? There are so many things to consider, but I figure when the time comes it will all seem a little clearer.


For those who, in their own wedding dreams, envision getting married somewhere sunny and intimate with a stunning view, I strongly urge you to consider getting married on the powder white sand beach at Esencia. Not only is the location luxurious, but the planning required is nearly stress-free.


To find out why weddings at Esencia are successful, I sat down with Esencia’s wedding planner, Indira Soltero, to create the Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at Esencia.

  1. Stunning beach & sea views provide a picture-perfect background for the ceremony.

  2. A personal wedding planner to coordinate all the vendors, meaning less stress for the bride and groom.

  3. An impeccable team of Esencia staff members that go above and beyond to ensure the wedding events run flawlessly.

  4. The experienced and well-accomplished Chef Noe Bernardo will cater your wedding, whipping up dishes of your choice with a rustic Mesoamerican flare.

  5. You get to celebrate your big day in an intimate atmosphere with people who love you most making  you feel more relaxed on your wedding day.

To inquire about weddings at Esencia email Indira at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit our wedding page.