For guests looking for adventure and to explore the local area, a day trip to Coba may be in store. Founded in 300 B.C., Coba is one of the oldest settlements in the Yucatan. Once a thriving city, Coba had some 20,000 structures and a population of about 50,000 people. It was the connection hub for a system of 45 roads, called sacbes, which led to other Mayan towns and cities.


About an hour and a half drive from Esencia, the ancient ruins are set amongst the jungle and near two lakes, a source of water that attracted early Mayan settlers. Coba actually means, “ruffled waters,” which reflects the 5 lakes in the vicinity.


Less crowded than other Mayan ruins, the site contains a number of pyramids, and climbing is still permitted on the tallest temple, Nohoch Mul. At 136ft (42m) and 120 steps, Nohoch Mul towers above the trees providing visitors who make the climb a panoramic view of the surrounding jungle. The second highest pyramid, Temple of the Church, offers a spectacular view of Lake Macanxoc from its summit.


Private tour (3 hours): Includes luxury transportation, certified archaeological guide from departure, entrance fee, Mayan “taxi” at the ruins, premium drinks, and refreshing aromatherapy towels. $420 USD for two people.


Getting Around:

  • 1 ½ hour-drive from Esencia

  • Hours: 8am-5pm

  • Bring water, sunscreen and a hat!

  • Rent a bike at the entrance, or the most common Yucatan way of transportation – the "Mayan taxi," a tricycle with a driver.