Cooking Classes

Mexican Cooking Lessons

There's no better souvenir than newfound knowledge and experience. At this two-hour class, you'll learn the basics of Mexican cooking, plus hints and tips on how real Mexican cooks treat their ingredients and the love and respect they put into preparing their meals especially here in the Yucatan. You'll also learn how to make Esencia's signature cocktail.


The class consists of six different recipes: snack/appetizer, salad, soup, entree (including chile relleno, mole sauce, Tikin Xik),  two salsas, and dessert.


The class is offered to a maximum of six guests at a time, so you're sure to get plenty of attention from the chef. We'll even provide proper attire, so you'll look like the pros.

Class is two hours. Cost is $120 per person or $75 per child.

Private one-on-one classes are also available.


Children's Cooking Classes

The classes are held at Rosa’s kitchen in the main house for small groups of children.

  • Mini Pastry Chef Ages 4-8

  • Junior Guest Chef Ages 9-12


Mini Pastry Chef

Kids are taught how to make cookies, muffins, small cakes and tarts, as well as icings, meringues and different toppings. The idea is to get the little ones acquainted with ingredients like flour, sugar, chocolate, eggs, butter, dried fruits, nuts and more. By playing with these ingredients, they will enjoy making food with their hands and giving comfort to others through their creations.

Prior to the classes, we will show them our organic herb and vegetable garden and teach them the importance of giving back to the land as the land has given us.

Ages 4-8 Duration 2 hrs Cost $75 per child



Junior Guest Chef

Students will learn to make salads and salad dressings as well as a variety of Mexican specialties made out of corn or flour, including sopes, tortillas, gorditas and tamales. They will also learn to make Mexican sauces, salsas and guacamole. For these classes we will gather most of our ingredients from our organic herb and vegetable garden. Students are also taught the importance of recycling and replenishing the crops. We will replant small plants from our “breeding ground” and we will explain to them what the different plants give to the land in terms of nutrition. After this, we will go back to the kitchen to prepare a wonderful meal for the family.

The main objective is for the kids to have a good time and at the same time develop interest and a love for creating good food with home-grown ingredients.

Ages 9-12 Duration 2 hrs Cost $75 per child


*At the end of every class, the family will be invited to the kitchen where we will showcase the child’s creations or they can choose to enjoy them in the dining room. For all the classes, the kids will be provided with aprons and hats with the Esencia logo, so they will look like pros in the kitchen. These items are available for sale.




Our selection of mouthwatering ceviches are made using the freshest seafood.




Be sure to try one of the regional Mexican breakfast specialties poolside.




Chef Bernardo serves up authentic Meso-American cuisine at Sal y Fuego Restaurant.