Dining at Hotel Esencia is at once a culinary voyage and a coming home. Meals are simple yet sophisticated, drawing as much from Mexico’s eclectic range of regional cuisines as from the well-loved comforts of Mediterranean cooking. What is not taken from Hotel Esencia’s own garden is sourced locally from farmers and artisans in Quintana Roo, or further afield from the places in Mexico known for exemplary delicacies—moles from Oaxaca, fruits from Yucatán, and wines from Baja.

  • Pool Restaurant
  • Garden Restaurant
  • Juice Bar

Pool Restaurant

Situated between the pools and the beach, The Pool Restaurant is a picturesque spot to start one’s day. With an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and apt updates to coastal staples from Latin America and around the world, the menu is an ode to the south.

Garden Restaurant

Located in the heart of the palm garden, The Garden Restaurant offers a refined take on Mexican cuisine from the Yucatán and beyond. While the décor and service might remind guests of an old world resort, the creative menus offer fresh approaches to tradition.

Located in the beachside palapa, the Juice Bar serves fresh cold-pressed juices during the morning hours. Select from an original menu or create your own with an assortment of daily fresh fruits, vegetables and super-foods.