Life at Hotel Esencia is made up of countless unique experiences. We hope you encounter them everyday, whether a tiny detail or multi-faceted production. For those looking to add a little something extra to our daily offering of laid-back luxury we’ve highlighted several options we adore… and hope you will also.

  • Come Fly WIth Us
  • Secret Cove
  • Temazcal
  • Nuera Tight
  • Omakasé
  • Epicurean Delights


Our brand new 505 Bell Jet Ranger X helicopter boasts a passenger cabin with room for four and a range of over 450 kilometers. While guests can arrive and depart via our private Helipad located at Hotel Esencia, we can customize any itinerary you desire. Our VIP experience tours include landing in the chosen destination with a personal guide awaiting in a luxury SUV to accompany your tour. From airport transfers and tours of ancient Mayan sites to shopping trips in Merida or a quick lift to your next stop in Mexico.

Please contact our team here to curate your detailed flight plan from start to finish.


Did you know that less than a five minute walk down the north end of our beach lies a hidden lagoon that is home to a family of manatees? You may snorkel, kayak or paddleboard in the crystal clear water of the lagoon, and if you’re lucky swim with these magical creatures (along with a personal guide). Finish this memorable experience with an epicurean picnic Esencia-style at the adjoining ocean front cove under the shade of umbrellas, and revel in the magnificent sea views.

Please contact our team here to organize this magical adventure.


The Náhuatl dialect word Temazcal means ‘house of heat’. Experience this ancestral healing practice, guided by a personal Shaman, to receive benefits for the body, mind and spirit, through a hot steam bath created by pouring a healing herbal infusion over red-hot stones. It’s known that the Temazcal represents Mother Earth’s ‘womb’, and this ritual is a symbolic rebirth – a deep detoxification happens through profuse sweating and breathing exercises, releasing what you no longer need and providing a new state of consciousness and gratitude.

Please contact Esencia Spa for more details and to experience this healing ritual.


Powerful, Precise Body and Face Sculpting. Hotel Esencia welcomes you to a new era in non-invasive, skin sculpting and tightening therapy. The Lumenis NuEra Tight offers non-invasive, radiofrequency body treatments with an unparalleled level of personalization. NuEra Tight’s groundbreaking FocalRF technology offers unprecedented treatment depth control: delivering natural looking results that last longer.

The treatment feels like a comfortable hot stone massage and targets tissues at an exact depth which yields the best results – providing improved skin laxity, body contouring and collagen regeneration with consistent results all in one device. Normal sun exposure is safe following this procedure. Experience the world’s most requested aesthetic therapy administered safely in the comfort of Esencia Spa.

Please contact our team here and let the power and precision of NuEra Tight redefine you.


While dining options abound at Hotel Esencia, our Japanese restaurant Taiyo features an Omakasé bar offering guests an elevated and unique nightly dining experience based on the freshest ingredients available and the chef’s suggestions. This Japanese tradition, which roughly means ‘Chef, I trust you’, is considered a form of respect and a compliment when ordered.

Contact your personal concierge here to arrange this truly luxurious culinary expedition.


Enjoy Hotel Esencia your own way while delighting your palate – simply find your favorite spot in the property and indulge in discovering new tastes and flavors; from private dinners for two, food and wine tastings, Mexican spirits discoveries, to bonfires and s’mores, cooking and mixology lessons, and more.

Contact your personal concierge here to organize your next epicurean experience.